Easter Crucifixion Ritual Has Roots in Babylon and Solar Worship

Those that favour the New Testomony and have by no means seemed correctly into Outdated Testomony prophecies are tremendously misled. There are two Gods described within the bible. The primary is the Spirit of the Universe and Creator of all issues (Isaiah 45:Four-Eight OT) whereas the opposite is the Trinity God of the Indian Vedic that helps the Christ or mate to the Mom God of Babylon (NT). So which is true?

good friday and easter sunday 2019data into these items didn’t out of the blue begin however have been ongoing by earlier lives. My reincarnation and passage into this life proves there are not any things like heaven or hell whereas devils, angels and saints are designed by non secular leaders to mislead, confuse, manipulate and collect within the weak to their congregations. The concept of an everlasting life within the sky gathers them in whereas the specter of burning forevermore is the lock on the door protecting them there.

To start with the useless don’t have any residing nerves and with out them there isn’t a feeling. It is just in a residing physique that one can really feel so it’s only by reincarnation that we will proceed in life. The promise is that God’s individuals will inherit the earth, not heaven.

The concept of floating round within the cosmos perpetually is so appalling that to me that it could be hell. What would one do there? Paradise is painted as a spot of castles, rivers, buildings, kings and angels and but why do not we see them. In the event that they exist certainly they might have been discovered by now, particularly with all of the house journey and so forth.

If one thing can’t be sensed by both contact, sight, scent, style or feeling then it doesn’t exist. In Isaiah 34:Four the Spirit said that all the host of heaven will fall down. In verse Eight we learn that it’s going to occur within the yr of recompense for the controversy of Zion.

Jeremiah 25:31 guarantees that on the ends of the earth a noise shall come to ship that controversy and God will plead with all flesh. It states that the depraved can be given to the sword. Among the many many visions given to me the day was proven as a line stretched whereas and an enormously brilliant gentle, representing the Spirit, was at both finish of it. Within the center it was proven as midday the place it was nearly darkish.

There a person on a cross stood excessive above the gang that have been reaching as much as him. Isaiah 59:10 states that they grope for the wall at noonday as within the night time for they’re desolate as useless males. That’s when Jesus Christ appeared for the day is Four,000 years lengthy. It introduced excessive darkness and the controversy that God has with the nations and that they’ve with Mt. Zion.

The Web was given to allow these guarantees to be saved. Via it everybody all over the place have entry to the data that’s going forth to declare that every one religions have their roots in Babylon, the Islamic metropolis of the Amors. They moved west and constructed different cities one in every of which is Mari (Mary) named after the sun-star they noticed by the Ziggurats. Their subsequent metropolis was Roma (reverse Amor) and so they by no means gave up on their faith or gods. There they turned the Romans


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